You are there…

when I don’t know where to turn

Amid the confusion and despair,

you are there, my friend.

If my plans are thwarted

and success seems as distant as the furthest galaxy,

you remain in control—steadfast as the rock of ages

nothing shakes you.

If the stars I wish upon tumble into the sea

their vacancy leaves room for you

to extend your hand and say…

“This is the way, walk in it.”

So I place my hand in yours

and know…

Your conclusion is so much better than any I could write.


Debbie Burton is a children's author and award winning poet. Her books, "Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street," "Return to Blueberry Street," and "Truckload of Trouble." (Elk Lake) are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

7 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. This made me think of my relationship with God in a whole new way. He is, of course, my friend + guide + LORD + provider + Redeemer, and on and on. But I never thought of myself as HIS friend. Obviously He doesn’t NEED me, but do I fulfill that relationship as friend? Hmmmm……

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    1. I’m reminded of John 15:14,15 “You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. I have called you friends, for everything I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” Isn’t that beautiful?


  2. Meaningful words to me today Debbie. Feeling a sense of despair over plans not turning out as I’d hoped, feeling those deep sighs of ‘why? ‘ and ‘when? ‘ rising up… But God…. My Rock, My Redeemer and my best friend is always able to satisfy any void or sense of hope deferred in me and quiet me with His love. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Wow! You’ve made my day, Angela. Thanks for sharing your feelings. When circumstances turn your plans upside down, remember his timing is different from ours. He’s building godly character in us. And that has been his ultimate plan along.

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