Home is a word which brings positive thoughts to mind. Welcome to my site.  It’s a place to sit down, relax and put your feet up.  A place to talk about your day. Click on MENU to find what’s being served from the kitchen. Meet Buddy, the star of my children’s book, Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street. You can find all of my stories under the BLOG tab in the menu bar. They are also organized into the following categories shown in the sidebar of this page. Don’t forget to conclude your visit with a little poetry for dessert.

Book News shares up to date information about my children’s chapter book, Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street.

Campfire Tales  are stories about camping and hiking.  I include facts about Florida State Parks and links for more information.

Cooking shares humor from my kitchen.

Exploring America describes my experiences traveling throughout the U.S.

My Big Backyard tells about living in Orlando, Florida, with my husband Herb and our beagle, Buddy.

Notable People recognizes people who have shaped my life, including my experiences teaching third grade at Dover Shores Elementary.

Poetry includes many of my original works and the stories behind them.

Inspirational Thoughts reflect upon the work of writing and offer responses to questions from followers.

Many readers appreciate my positive outlook on life seasoned with my own unique style of writing. (So far, the only time I ventured near politics was when I nominated my pet beagle for president during the 2016 election.) The central theme of my blog is “stories are meant to be shared ” I’ve learned there are stories all around me, whether I’m shopping at my neighborhood grocery, or chatting with a park ranger at a campground. I want to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of the world around us and value simple moments in their daily routines.