Redefining Age with Valerie Ramsey

There are many phrases which try to describe anyone past the age of sixty. Phrases like, “over the hill,” “past my prime,” and “slowing down” come to mind.  None of these describe Valerie Ramsey.

I heard Valerie Ramsey speak at a luncheon for seniors last week. Now 78, she defies every concept I previously believed about aging. Valerie’s story is amazing. A mother of six, and stay at home mom,  she entered the work force at age 53. Valerie began her career selling golf balls at Pebble Beach Resorts and worked her way up to the position of  Public Relations Media Director.

Soon after she accepted her dream job at Pebble Beach, Valerie was diagnosed with cancer and heart disease. She made a decision to not let adversity stop her from doing the work she enjoyed. Valerie overcame her health issues and continued her position as PR director for fifteen years.

End of story? No way.  At age 63, Valerie was discovered by the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of San Francisco. Tall and slender, Valerie fit the perfect image of a beautiful mature woman. It’s hard to believe she kept her fulltime position at Pebble Beach while working modeling assignments part time.

If that wasn’t enough, Valerie is an author. Her book, “Creating What’s Next Gracefully” (Pathfinder, 2013) inspires readers to do great things, no matter what their age. At 78 she is a popular motivational speaker on the national and international circuits and has no intention of slowing down. Valerie has appeared on many TV shows, including the Today Show, Fox News, and Extra. Oh and by the way, she still models.

Back to the luncheon… During her presentation Valerie encouraged listeners to create what’s next in their lives by keeping their eyes and ears open for new opportunities to pursue their dreams. ” One way to power past fear is to imagine a positive outcome,” shared Valerie. “Above all, don’t let who you were define who you are.”

I have to say I’m inspired by Valerie’s message. So many people, women especially, look at their advancing years with a feeling of dread. Valerie sees her age as a positive. After all how many people succeed in new careers in their sixties and seventies?  At age 64, I’m not considering a modeling career, but I am looking forward to more adventure.  Are you thinking about your next chapter? Leave a comment and tell me about it. Let’s encourage one another.




Debbie Burton is a children's author and award winning poet. Her books, "Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street," "Return to Blueberry Street," and "Truckload of Trouble." (Elk Lake) are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

9 thoughts on “Redefining Age with Valerie Ramsey”

  1. Well, I certainly agree with Valerie! I’m 58 and feeling pretty good!!!! Challenging myself seems to be key to a positive attitude. I started strength training 6 months ago and feel terrific. And, I created my blog 14 mos. ago. Good to be busy and productive. I also feel so good about my 21 year old daughter. She’s a happy and successful college student and that’s the best feeling. I love the title of your blog!


    1. Hi Michele. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. Keep up the positive attitude! You might want to check out Valerie’s book. She is very inspirational. If you like my blog, please follow me. Actually I’m going to upgrade in a few days and everything might be different. Title included. Now that my book “Buddy The Beagle on Blueberry Street” is being published, its time to get a new domain name. Something that includes my real name! All of my posts should come with me, and I look forward to continuing to write about the things I love…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, how fun! I adore dogs and books…I will certainly check out your book! I think I did follow you, but I’ll go back and make sure. You might like my blog, as well. Lots of dog posts and posts about my new Journey to Strong and I invite you to follow, as well. Life is good!


  2. Very inspiring….just what I needed to keep me going!! I am excited about the next phase of my life….not sure what it will hold but I am certainly keeping my eyes open for possibilities!


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